Our Skill Up Survey Returns

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The demand for IT professionals is growing now as more organizations reenergize projects deferred during the economic downturn, but do you have any idea of your real worth? How do you find out which IT positions are commanding the greatest salaries, and what training you may need to be an expert in that field?

Last year was our first Skill Up campaign. The response was huge, with over 20,000 people who work in IT globally helping us make sense of the tech world – from web developers to big data analysts and everyone in-between. The reports that came from that survey – you can find them for download here – showed us some interesting facts, but have they stood the test of time? For example, last year Python emerged as the fastest growing language in the worlds of web dev and data, but did it live up to that hype? Or have other upstarts suddenly pulled ahead as Python’s weaknesses are picked apart? We want to find out and give you the best chance for a successful 2017.

This short 5 minute survey will help us give you the best plan of action to start learning the skills you need for a successful 2017. Tell us what tech you think has gained prominence in the last year, and which has faded from use. And perhaps most importantly, find out what everyone else is planning to learn next and whether you are already ahead of the curve.

As a bonus, when you complete the survey you will receive a discount code for 75% off any of our eBooks, videos, or blended courses! Why not use that discount to get an early start on your summer learning with one of our new releases?

So go make yourself a drink, click the link below, and relax for 5 minutes with our survey as you help us to help you!

You can find the survey here.


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