Oracle E-Business Suite: Creating Bank Accounts and Cash Forecasts

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Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Financials Cookbook

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The liquidity of an organization is managed in Oracle Cash Management; this includes the reconciliation of the cashbook to the bank statements, and forecasting future cash requirements. In this article, we will look at how to create bank accounts and cash forecasts. Cash management integrates with Payables, Receivables, Payroll, Treasury, and General Ledger.

Let’s start by looking at the cash management process:

  1. The Bank generates statements.
  2. The statements are sent to the organization electronically or by post.
  3. The Treasury Administrator loads and verifies the bank statement into cash management. The statements can also be manually entered into cash management.
  4. The loaded statements are reconciled to the cash book transactions.
  5. The results are reviewed, and amended if required.
  6. The Treasury Administrator creates the journals for transactions in the General Ledger.

Creating bank accounts

Oracle Cash Management provides us with the functionality to create bank accounts. In this recipe, we will create a bank account for a bank called Shepherd Bank, for one of their branches called Kings Cross branch.

Getting ready

Log in to Oracle E-Business Suite R12 with the username and password assigned to you by the system administrator. If you are working on the Vision demonstration database, you can use OPERATIONS/WELCOME as the USERNAME/PASSWORD.

We also need to create a bank before we can create the bank account. Let’s look at how to create a bank and the branch:

  1. Select the Cash Management responsibility.
  2. Navigate to Setup | Banks | Banks.

    (Move the mouse over the image to enlarge it.)

  3. In the Banks tab, click on the Create button.
  4. Select the Create new bank option.
  5. In the Country field, enter United States.
  6. In the Bank Name field, enter Shepherds Bank.
  7. In the Bank Number field, enter JN316.
  8. Click on the Finish button.

Let’s create the branch and the address:

(Move the mouse over the image to enlarge it.)

  1. Click the Create Branch icon: The Country and the Bank Name are automatically entered.
  2. Click on the Continue button.

    (Move the mouse over the image to enlarge it.)

  3. In the Branch Name field, enter Kings Cross.
  4. Select ABA as the Branch Type.
  5. Click on the Save and Next button to create the Branch address.

    (Move the mouse over the image to enlarge it.)

  6. In the Branch Address form, click on the create button.
  7. In the Country field, enter United States.
  8. In the Address Line 1 field, enter 4234 Red Eagle Road.
  9. In the City field, enter Sacred Heart.
  10. In the County field, enter Renville.
  11. In the State field, enter MN.
  12. In the Postal Code field, enter 56285.
  13. Ensure that the Status field is Active.
  14. Click on the Apply button.
  15. Click on the Finish button.


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