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On Monday, Opera Touch was made available for iPhone users that aims to challenge Apple’s default browser, Safari. It particularly targets the newly launched Apple phones, iPhone XS and XS Max and the upcoming iPhone XR.

Opera Touch is your on-the-go browser which helps you instantly search the web with one hand. It comes with Flow to make sharing links, images, videos or notes much easier.

Instant searching

Opera Touch opens up in search mode to help you instantly find things on the web. You can search using text input, voice, or a QR code. Also, the core elements of the interface are located at the bottom of the screen making them easy to reach.

Seamless browsing experience with Flow

You can use Opera Touch on iPhone together with your Opera computer browser for a seamless web browsing experience across devices. The plus point here is that you do not need to create an account to connect your iPhone with your computer browser.

Simply, start the Opera computer browser and scan the QR code displayed there with Opera Touch and you are good to go. After connecting, you can send links, videos, and notes to yourself with a single click through Flow and they will be displayed across all your Flow-enabled devices.

Your on-the-go browser

It makes searching on-the-go easier as you can conveniently explore the internet using just one hand. The Fast Action Button present in the bottom middle of the screen provides the browser’s key functions, including access to your most recent tabs and search. You can hold and swipe the button open to switch to your most recent tabs, reload or close the page or send the current tab to your computer in Flow.

Safe and secure browsing

The data shared with Flow is fully end-to-end encrypted. Its opt-in ad blocker, blocks intrusive ads, making web pages load faster. Also, the browser comes with Opera’s cryptojacking protection that reduces the risk of your mobile getting overheated when you browse the web.

Learns from your browsing patterns

The browser will learn from your browsing pattern giving you a more personalized browsing experience. It will automatically add your favorite sites to the browser’s home screen.

Read more about Opera Touch on Opera’s official website and to download the browser head over to the App Store.

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