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Advanced reports section provides a more organized and easier way to analyze OpenX statistics to work further with MS Excel. There are three types of advanced analysis reports:

  • Advertising analysis report: This report provides a breakdown of advertising statistics for a particular advertiser or publisher. The generated report has three sections—daily, campaign, and zone breakdowns.
  • Campaign analysis report: This report type is suitable to analyze the details of a particular campaign. There are three breakdowns including day, banner, and zone.
  • Campaign delivery report: This advanced report shows the delivery statistics of campaigns for a certain selected period. It also highlights the underperforming campaigns.

Advertising analysis report

Now let’s learn how to retrieve one of the most useful analysis reports in OpenX.

Time for action – getting advertising analysis reports

  1. Click on Advanced Reports link in Statistics menu.

    OpenX Advanced Reports

  2. Click on Advertising Analysis Report link in Standard Reports section.

    OpenX Advanced Reports

  3. Click on the Generate button, without changing any options.

    OpenX Advanced Reports

  4. Choose Open with Microsoft Office Excel (default) and click on OK button.

    OpenX Advanced Reports

  5. We can see the Daily Breakdown tab selected by default.

    OpenX Advanced Reports

  6. Click on Campaign Breakdown tab to get the details of all campaigns.

    OpenX Advanced Reports

  7. Finally, click on Zone Breakdown tab to see the statistics of all zones

    OpenX Advanced Reports

What just happened?

We learned how to generate an advertising analysis report in a few steps. This helps us get very useful statistics to determine the daily progress, success rates of campaigns, and zones that are organized in separate Excel tabs for easy analysis.

Have a go hero – exploring other advanced report types

Now, go and examine other report types including campaign analysis report and campaign delivery report. Try to understand the differences between the report types.

Have a go hero – playing with statistics columns

Try to specify the columns you need for online statistics screen using the account preferences.

Pop quiz – understanding OpenX reports and statistics

Suppose we (as an account manager) opened an advertiser account user for one of the advertisers. Which of the following report types will be available for the new user?

  1. Advertiser analysis report
  2. Campaign analysis report
  3. Campaign delivery report
  4. All of the reports
  5. None of the reports


In this article series, we have learned how to use reports and online statistics to evaluate the performance of OpenX advertisers, campaigns, banners, websites, and zones.

We have specifically covered:

  • Advertisers and campaigns statistics
  • Exporting data to Excel for further analysis
  • Types of advanced OpenX reports
  • Getting advertising analysis reports in Excel

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