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OmniSci, previously named as MapD, is a data-visualization startup that provides real-time analytics solutions. Yesterday, they bagged $55 million in Series C funding from top investors. The company was founded in 2013 and has raised a total of $92m in funding till now.

A global investment firm called Tiger Global Management led the funding round. Other investors include In-Q-Tel, New Enterprise Associates, NVIDIA, Vanedge Capital, and Verizon Ventures.

Todd Mosak, CEO of OmniSci stated: “It was clear that they [Tiger Global Management] held a strong thesis around the massive market opportunity in front of our company, and were fully aligned with our vision of the disruptive power of GPU-accelerated analytics..

What is OmniSci?

Mostak originally built the technology behind OmniSci as a researcher at Harvard and MIT. He realized the speed advantages of GPUs over CPUs while querying and visualizing large datasets.

The SQL database engine in OmniSci exploits GPUs to their full potential. This results in-memory access to big data. OmniSci’s software allows customers to perform operations on data to present graphics and visualizations from billions of data points. Their mission is to make analytics instantly available, powerful, and effortlessly accessible to everyone.

Mosak stated: “Our goal is to give our customers a competitive advantage through painstakingly optimizing our software to take full advantage of modern hardware, particularly the massive parallelism of GPUs. Obsession with shaving off milliseconds is a particular quirk of our culture, and yet simultaneously existential, as it is ultimately the source of the differentiated value we deliver our customers and open source community.”

OmniSci runs on AWS and Google Cloud and can be installed on-premises. It makes use of NVIDIA GPUs. OmniSci Cloud is a fast open source SQL engine and visual analytics software that can be launched from a web browser in under 60 seconds.

OmniSci founders plan to use the $55m funding to accelerate research and development, while also supporting the open source community.

For more information, visit the OmniSci website.

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