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NVIDIA launched a ‘recommended router’ program last week to improve the overall experience of its GeForce Now (GFN) cloud gaming service for PC and Mac. The GeForce NOW game-streaming service has transformed the user experience when it comes to playing high-performance games. NVIDIA has now come out with a few enhancements in beta mode to improve the quality of its service, using its ‘recommended router program’.

The recommended router program comes comprises the latest generation routers for cloud-gaming in the home for video streaming and downloading. These routers enable the users to configure its settings in a way that it prioritizes GeForce NOW over all the other data. Recommended routers get certified as “factory-enabled” with a GeForce NOW “quality of service (QoS) profile” that makes sure that your cloud game playing is at its best quality. The router settings get automatically loaded once the GeForce Now launches.

Network latency which is the biggest drawback on cloud gaming is quite low with these routers and also better streaming speeds are offered for GeForce NOW. “We’re working closely with ASUS, D-LINK, Netgear, Razer, TP-Link, Ubiquiti Networks and other router manufacturers to build GeForce NOW recommended routers. They’re committed to building best-in-class cloud gaming routers — just as we’re committed to delivering best-in-class gaming experiences,” says the NVIDIA team.

GFN recommended routers are now available in the U.S. and Canada starting with Amplifi HD Gamer’s Edition by Ubiquiti Networks. Amplifi makes use of multiple self-configuring radios and advanced antenna technology that helps it deliver a powerful, whole-home Wi-Fi coverage.

For more information, read the official NVIDIA blog.

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