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Yesterday, npm Inc., the provider of the world’s largest software registry, announced npm Enterprise, which will be your company’s very own npm registry. This new service is designed for private registry hosting, workflow integrations, and provides compliance features for large companies.

Bryan Bogensberger, CEO of npm Inc, said in a statement, “Approximately 100% of the world’s enterprises acquire over 97% of their JavaScript from the npm Public Registry, making the introduction of npm Enterprise essential for the professionalization of JavaScript development. With npm Enterprise, we are giving JavaScript developers the npm tools they love while providing the enterprise with enhanced visibility, security, and control. The result: happiness throughout organizations everywhere.

The npm Enterprise service comes with the following features and advantages:

  • Companies will have a “” website with support for industry-standard SSO authentication to control developer access and other permissions.
  • Allows easy code discovery and sharing within a company.
  • You can securely deploy a package.
  • Access to unlimited Orgs and scopes. Orgs allows a team of contributors to read, write, and publish public or private scoped packages.
  • Users will able to access all the packages that are available in the public registry.
  • It provides audit reports that contain tables of information about security vulnerabilities in your project’s dependencies. With the help of these audit reports, you can fix the vulnerability or troubleshoot further.
  • To avoid any kind of conflict, teams can use the unlimited namespaces npm Enterprise comes with to share and manage code.
  • The npm Enterprise service provides three roles: Billing Manager, Admin user, and End-user. The admin users will have the most far-reaching permissions on the Enterprise instance. They will manage instance settings, Orgs, users, and packages. The billing manager will be responsible for updating the payment method for your Enterprise instance.

To learn more about npm Enterprise, visit npm’s official website.

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Generative AI at work

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