Node v11.2.0 released with major updates in timers, windows, HTTP parser and more

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Yesterday, the Node.js community released Node v11.2.0. This new version comes with a
new experimental HTTP parser (llhttp), timers, windows and more. Node v11.1.0 was released earlier this month.

Major updates

  • Node v11.2.0 comes with a major update in timers, fixing an issue that could cause setTimeout to stop working as expected.
  • If the node.pdb file is available, a crashing process will now show the names of stack frames
  • This version improves the installer’s new stage that installs native build tools.
  • Node v11.2.0 adds prompt to tools installation script which gives a visible warning and a prompt that lessens the probability of users skipping ahead without reading.
  • On Windows, the windowsHide option has been set to false. This will let the detached child processes and GUI apps to start in a new window.
  • This version also introduced an experimental `llhttp` HTTP parser. llhttp is written in human-readable TypeScript. It is verifiable and easy to maintain. This llparser is used to generate the output C and/or bitcode artifacts, which can be compiled and linked with the embedder’s program (like Node.js).
  • The eventEmitter.emit() method has been added to v11.2.0. This method allows an arbitrary set of arguments to be passed to the listener functions.

Improvements in Cluster

The cluster module allows easy creation of child processes for sharing server ports. The cluster module now supports two methods of distributing incoming connections. The first one is the round robin approach which is default on all platforms except Windows. The master process listens on a port, they accept new connections and distribute them across the workers in a round-robin fashion. This approach avoids overloading a worker process.

In the second process, the master process creates the listen socket and sends it to interested workers. The workers then accept incoming connections directly. Theoretically, the second approach gives the best performance.

Read more about this release on the official page of Node.js.

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