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Node v11.0.0 is released. The focus of this current release is primarily towards improving internals, and performance. It is an update to the stable V8 7.0.

Build and console changes in Node v11.0.0

Build: FreeBSD 10 supported is removed.

child_process: The default value of the windowsHide option is now to true.

console: The console.countReset() function will emit a warning if the timer being reset does not exist. If a timer already exists, console.time() will no longer reset it.

Dependency and http changes

Under dependencies, the Chrome V8 engine has been updated to the v7.0.

fs: The fs.read() method now needs a callback. The fs.SyncWriteStream utility was deprecated previously, it has now been removed.

http: In Node v11.0.0 the http, https, and tls modules use the WHATWG URL parser by default.

General changes

In general changes, process.binding() has been deprecated and can no longer be used. Userland code using process.binding() should re-evaluate its use initiate migration. There is an experimental implementation of queueMicrotask() added.

Internal changes

Under internal changes, the Windows performance-counter support has been removed. The –expose-http2 command-line option has also been removed.

In Timers, interval timers will be rescheduled even if previous interval gave an error. The nextTick queue will be run after each immediate and timer.

Changes in utilities

The WHATWG TextEncoder and TextDecoder APIs are now global. The util.inspect() method’s output size is limited to 128 MB by default. When NODE_DEBUG is set for either http or http2, a runtime warning will be emitted.

Some other additions

Some other utilities have been added like:

  • ‘-z relro -z now’ linker flags
  • internal PriorityQueue class
  • InitializeV8Platform function
  • string-decoder fuzz test
  • new_large_object_space heap space
  • dns memory error test
  • warnings when NODE_DEBUG is set as http/http2
  • Inspect suffix to BigInt64Array elements

For more details and a complete list of changes, visit the Node website.

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