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We published a lot of new content in September. Here’s what’s new in Mapt across our job roles. Read or watch the first two sections for free with a Mapt account. Subscribe to access everything in full.

Data Science and analysis

We’ve been particularly busy when it comes to data science. With so much happening in the field, and new trends and patterns emerging rapidly, it’s an exciting time to find your own way through it. (from programmers to researchers to marketers).

One of the most exciting new titles is the latest edition of Practical Data Analysis. Published 2 years since our popular first edition, it provides you with a hands-on look at using a diverse range of tools and techniques. From effective visualization to simulating and predicting stock prices, this new collection of tutorials gets you beyond buzzwords so you can put the principles into practice.

When it comes to Big Data there are two key challenges facing engineers and analysts – speed and meaningful insight. In Big Data Analytics and Spark for Data Science, we’ve got both bases covered. Packed with everything Big Data Engineers and analysts will need to unlock more value from data, we urge you to dive in!

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The pick of this month’s programming titles take in 3 languages built for performance. But they’re also accessible enough for any developer that wants to expand their skillset and become more fluent. In Learn Scala Programming Language from Scratch, you’ll find a direct and accessible route into Scala. Featuring more than 5 hours of content, there’s plenty to get your programming teeth into.

Meanwhile, if you want to become an expert in Google’s increasingly popular language Go, take a look at The Go Programming Language Guide – Code Like a Pro – it’s an essential video course for anyone curious about the language and eager to add it to their arsenal of skills.

Finally, Haskell High Performance Programming takes you deeper into this really powerful language, guiding you as you investigate the language in detail, and demonstrating how to wring ever last drop of performance from your code.

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Front end and full stack development

We’ve got plenty for developers to get stuck into. Our Angular 2 courses and tutorials are all proving to be immensely popular with the developer community – this month, we’ve released Angular 2 Fundamentals for Web Developers, an accessible video course that will make adoption (and migration as painless as possible).

For designers, Mastering Bootstrap 4 is a great way to get more from Bootstrap, dispelling any myths that Bootstrap is restrictive and boring – with plenty on customization and optimization, this course will help you become a more creative yet controlled developer.

We’ve also started seeing even more interest in Node.js in recent months – is there a chance that it could supersede the hype of Angular 2 and React and become the key tool for modern development over the next 12 months. If you think it might, The Complete Guide to Node.js is an accessible yet comprehensive route into this hugely important developer tool.

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Mobile & Game development

September has seen some nice new additions of mobile and game development content. The newest edition of Learning iOS Forensics is a practical look at how to delve deeper into an Apple device and uncover data, while Xamarin Blueprints is a useful collection of projects designed to help you utilise Xamarin’s cross-platform capabilities to greatest effect. Finally, in Mastering Unity Shaders and Effects, you have an advanced guide, designed to help you give your Unity games the edge. When it comes to high quality gaming, the devil is so often in the details – we think this product will really sharpen your game development skills so you can create games that are competitive in a tough and growing market.

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Security, System Administration & Hardware

We’ve got content to keep you at the content edge. Explore DevOps at its most advanced and get to grips with the tools helping to define – and redefine – the way in which it’s practiced today with our Mastering DevOps video course. Meanwhile, if you’re a security professional, Kali Linux 2 – Assuring Security by Penetration Testing is a really valuable resource packed with some of the most effective techniques being used in security today. For creative types, Smart Internet of Things Projects shows you how to bridge the gap between hardware and analytics, demonstrating how to bring data science thinking and statistical models into your projects. We think it’s a fun way to get ahead of the IoT trend curve as it forces Big Data to bloat and get even bigger.

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