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New iPad features and native applications

We’re going to identify some of the applications that come built-in to the new iPad. The applications designed by Apple for the iPad are Safari, Mail, Photos, FaceTime, Maps, Siri, Newsstand, Messages, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, App Store, iTunes, Music, Videos, Notes, Camera, Photo Booth, Clock, Game Center, and Settings.

Let’s get started by exploring these applications.

Getting ready

How to do it…

These apps form the base of the iPad and by themselves can satisfy most of our media and communication needs. We’ll delve deeper into each of the following apps in the upcoming recipes.

  • Mail

  • Photos

  • App Store

  • iTunes and Music

  • Settings

How it works…

The applications can work together to provide a unifying experience. From the Photos app, we are able to share photos via the Mail application. Purchasing music in iTunes will allow us playback in our Music app. Ubiquity is what makes this device and its apps so useful.


This article gave us a brief overview of the application that illustrate the new iPad’s features.

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