Netflix bring in Verna Myers as new VP of Inclusion strategy to boost cultural diversity

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Netflix announced yesterday that Verna Myers is joining the company as Vice President, inclusion strategy. In her new role, Myers will help with the implementation of strategies that reinforce cultural diversity and inclusion and equity into the varied aspects of Netflix’s operations worldwide.

According to Jessica Neal, Netflix Chief Talent Officer, “Having worked closely with Vernā as a consultant on a range of organizational issues, we are thrilled that she has agreed to bring her talents to this new and important role”.

Myers, a graduate of Harvard Law School, has spent the past two decades as the head at The Vernā Myers Company. Here, her major role involved providing consultation to major corporations and organizations regarding how to eradicate barriers based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and other differences.

She has also written several self-help books, been an active TED speaker, and contributed to reputed publications such as Refinery29, The Atlantic, Forbes, etc.

Netflix deeply respects cultural diversity and fired its chief communications officer Jonathan Friedland, two months back, for using the N-word in a meeting. “As a global company dedicated to attracting the best people and representing a broad range of perspectives, Vernā will be an invaluable champion of our efforts to build a culture where all employees thrive” added Jessica Neal.

“I have been a longtime fan of the inclusive and diverse programming and talent at Netflix. I was so impressed by their mission, their excellence, and decision to take their inclusion and diversity efforts to a higher level. I excited and look forward to collaborating all across Netflix to establish bold innovative frameworks and practices that will attract, and sustain high performing diverse teams” says Myers.

For more information, check out the official Netflix blog post.

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