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The long awaited general release of MySQL 8.0 was finally announced last week.  MySQL, as we all know, is the world’s most popular open source database. Despite the growing adoption of NoSQL databases, MySQL continues to be widely used across the industry. The new features introduced in version 8.0 bring significant upgrades in performance, security as well as database development and administration.

What’s new in MySQL 8.0 server?

Let’s take a quick overview of all the new features and additions introduced in MySQL 8.0, and how they may affect the developers and DBAs:

  • SQL Window Functions, including major enhancements to table expressions, indexes, regular expressions, and more
  • New JSON functions and enhancements to performance, for working with JSON values
  • GIS Support added, which means MySQL 8.0 is now capable of handling and working with geographic data with efficiency. Spatial data types, indexes and functions have been introduced.
  • Better reliability, with DDL statements becoming atomic and crash-safe. New enhancements to InnoDB means the metadata is now stored more securely and can be worked with in a better manner.
  • Significant enhancements to performance schema, configuration variables, and error logging.
  • New security enhancements, with improvements to OpenSSL, SQL roles, changes to authentication and privileges and more
  • Performance improvements, with InnoDB now able to perform better read/write workloads and better resource optimization

There are lot more enhancements to the MySQL database such as replication, MySQL shell, and the different DevAPI-based connectors.To know more about the newly added features in MySQL 8.0 in detail, you can check out their official blog page.

Download the in-demand 8.0 release to try the new features of MySQL! Additionally, to upgrade your existing MySQL installation from the previous version, you can also check out official MySQL 8.0 documentation.

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