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Yesterday, Mozilla released the latest versions of Firefox for desktop, Android, and iOS. The latest version for desktop and Android users is Firefox 62.0 and for iOS users it is Firefox 13.2. They have made some changes for faster page loads, better scrolling performance, a newly added Dark theme for iOS users, and much more.

They have also laid foundation for upcoming release, Firefox 63, by allowing users to distrust certificates issued by Symantec. In Firefox 63, all trust for Symantec-issued certificates will be removed.

What’s new for desktop users?

  • The default New Tab, Firefox Home, now can display up to 4 rows of top sites, Pocket stories, and highlights.
  • The Reopen in Container option is added for users with Containers that lets them choose to reopen a tab in a different container.
  • Dark theme is automatically enabled in macOS 10.14 dark mode.
  • Improved graphics rendering for Windows users without accelerated hardware.
  • Users opting to disconnect from Sync can now wipe their Firefox profile data, including bookmarks, passwords, history, cookies, and site data from their desktop computer.
  • FreeBSD support is added for WebAuthn.
  • The Description field for bookmarks is removed.
  • Added support for CSS Shapes for richer web page layouts.
  • Added support for CSS Variable Fonts to create beautiful typography with a single font file.

What’s new for Android users?

  • Scrolling performance is improved.
  • Page loading is now faster over WiFi connections by loading from the network cache if disk cache is slow.
  • Notifications settings provides a toggle button, Product and feature tips, to allow more control over which notifications are shown.

What’s new for iOS users?

  • New dark theme: Firefox for iOS now supports dark and light theme. According to your preference, you can easily switch between the two themes either manually or automatically. To enable this manually, tap Settings in the menu panel, then, tap Display, and choose either Light or Dark. To automatically turn it on you can use Automatic switch.

Firefox dark theme

Source: Mozilla

  • Improved searching experience: They have made some improvements to make searching content easier. Tab settings can now be managed in a single view allowing  you to make changes easily and quickly. You will also be able to search your open tabs and seamlessly switch between normal and private browsing.

Firefox single view

Source: Mozilla

To know more, read Mozilla’s official announcement and also check their release notes.

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