Mozilla partners with Scroll to understand consumer attitudes for an ad-free experience on the web

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Mozilla has partnered with News subscription service Scroll, to provide a transparent news experience for publishers and users alike. They will work with Scroll to better understand how consumers react to ad-free experiences on the web and subscription-based funding models.

With Scroll, they will conduct product explorations by inviting small groups of browser users at random to respond to surveys, provide feedback and potentially test proposed new features, products or services. This initiative with Scroll will help Mozilla in finding alternatives to the status quo advertising models.

In a blog post, Mozilla mentioned the reason behind this initiative. “We are turning our attention towards finding a more sustainable ecosystem balance for publishers and users alike. We’re transparent and experiment with new ideas in the open, especially when those ideas could have a significant impact on how the web ecosystems works. In 2019, we will continue to explore new product features and offerings, including our ongoing focus on identifying a more sustainable ecosystem balance for both publishers and users.

In a conversation with VentureBeat, Scroll CEO Tony Haile said the company began talking with Mozilla for partnership opportunities last year. “It’s early days for this partnership, but we want to be transparent from the get-go and are hugely excited about what we might learn as we seek a better web ecosystem together,” he said.

One of the companies we’ve always looked up to most has been Mozilla. From their inception they have been dedicated to the concept of an internet that puts people first. They’ve been at the forefront of driving forward user experience on the web as well as how we think about data and privacy online. In this, they have been an inspiration to all of us at Scroll,” he added.

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