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Yesterday, Mozilla announced the availability of Firefox Lockbox on Android, a password manager for Firefox web browser users. Firebox Lockbox will help users to access their logins stored in their Firefox browser from their mobile device.

Lockbox is one of the projects by Mozilla developed through a Test Flight program. Also, it is free and users don’t have to do any extra setup for it.

The user passwords securely sync from the Firefox browser to the Firefox Lockbox app. Mozilla has also taken care of security as the Lockbox app can be locked with facial recognition or a fingerprint (depending on device support). The user passwords are also encrypted well, in a way this prevents Mozilla from reading user data. Users have to simply sign in to their Firefox account and Firefox Lockbox will manage all the passwords that users have saved in Firefox. The passwords will be available both online and offline, once they are synced.

With Firefox Lockbox, it’s easy to keep track of passwords across devices as it automatically fills in the user passwords saved on the desktop to the apps like Facebook or Yelp, on users’ mobile device.

Few users think that this is an amazing project, however, the Chrome users are expecting a Chrome plugin. Others are also worried about the longevity of Firefox Lockup. A user commented on HackerNews, “I think this is wonderful, but I have two concerns. First, if there isn’t a Chrome plugin, it’s not going to be of much use to me. I still use Chrome on my laptop (for a multitude of reasons) and if Lockbox doesn’t interoperate with it, it’s not a useful tool. Second, I worry about the longevity of the project. Other than Firefox, Mozilla is not known for their long-term support of consumer products. Persona? Firefox OS? Thunderbird? I don’t want to switch to a product that’s only going to be retired in a year.”

Few others think that Lockbox’s UI is very simple. Another comment reads, “Am I missing something, or is this landing page really nothing more than a screenshot and an app button? I know minimal pages are trendy, but that seems like taking it a bit too far.”

Generative AI at work

Read more about this news on Mozilla’s blog post.

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Generative AI at work