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Mozilla relaunched Mozilla Labs in a new avatar last week. This website contains Mozilla’s latest innovations and creations. They launched the Mozilla labs website in a new domain after the old one was no longer updated.

Mozilla calls it a digital research laboratory. They examine new technologies and test what works and what doesn’t. Some projects from Mozilla labs become new Mozilla products that will be launched while others will be explored further. Their foundation is the Mozilla Manifesto and a commitment to a healthy internet.

Some of the items on Mozilla labs right now are:

  • A WebXR Viewer for iOS with which users get a preview of experiencing augmented reality (AR) from inside a web browser.
  • Ability to create new virtual environments with Spoke. Users can then share the experience with friends by using Mozilla Hubs.
  • Make contributions to Common Voice, where Mozilla helps voice systems understand voices of people from diverse backgrounds. It also puts expensive voice data at the hands of independent creators.
  • Start with Project Things, where a decentralized ‘Internet of Things’ is being built with a focus on security, privacy, and interoperability.
  • Install and try Firefox Reality to browse the immersive web completely in virtual reality.

These were some of the technologies Mozilla has worked on in 2018. As they prepare for 2019, they will continue to innovate across platforms such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and many more.

To know more, check out the Mozilla Labs website. You can also contribute to their projects on GitHub.

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