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MongoDB is, without a doubt, the most popular NoSQL database today. Per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, more developers have been wanting to work with MongoDB than any other database over the last two years. With the upcoming MongoDB 4.0 release, it plans to up the ante by adding support for multi-document transactions and ACID-based features (Atomicity Consistency Integrity and Durability).

Poised to be released this summer, MongoDB 4.0 will combine the speed, flexibility and the efficiency of document models – features which make MongoDB such a great database to use – with the assurance of transactional integrity. This new addition should give the database a more relational feel, and would suit large applications with high data integrity needs regardless of how the data is modeled. It has also ensured that the support for multi-document transactions will not affect the overall speed and performance of the unrelated workloads running concurrently.

MongoDB have been working on this transactional integrity feature for over 3 years now, ever since they incorporated the WiredTiger storage engine. The MongoDB 4.0 release should also see the introduction of some other important features such as snapshot isolation, a consistent view of data, ability to roll-back transactions and other ACID features.

Per the 4.0 product roadmap, 85% of the work is already done, and the release seems to be on time to hit the market. You can read more about the announcement on MongoDB’s official page.You can also join the beta program to test out the newly added features in 4.0.


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