MongoDB 4.0 now generally available with support for multi-platform, mobile, ACID transactions and more

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In the annual MongoDB World event that took place last week, MongoDB announced the general availability of the new MongoDB 4.0 release, along with several significant beta features related to the cloud. With 4.0, MongoDB aims to attack two domains at once – the traditional database support as well as the ease of database development on the cloud.

Some major features of MongoDB 4.0

There were talks of MongoDB 4.0 including support for ACID transactions earlier in the year, extending to multiple documents. However, this support will be restricted only to a single replica for now, with distributed support across multiple clusters to be incorporated with the 4.2 release that is expected to be out later in the year.

The 4.0 release also includes a public beta release for MongoDB Charts, a new in-database visualization feature, which can be used to visualize JSON documents. Some of the other important features include:

  • MongoDB Stitch, a serverless compute environment designed for developers, now generally available
  • A mobile-embedded version of MongoDB that runs on smartphones, tablets and IoT devices are now released as a private beta release in 4.0
  • A new multi-region capability for MongoDB Atlas, letting you deploy a cloud instance that is distributed across different regions throughout the world
  • A beta version of Kubernetes Operator, which co-ordinates orchestration between Kubernetes and MongoDB Ops Manager is released

A key milestone for MongoDB with 4.0 release

MongoDB’s 4.0 is a quite significant release. It addresses the needs of modern businesses, who base their processes around cloud and serverless operations. Not just that, going multi-platform with support for mobile devices will be seen as a welcome addition by many users.

Incorporating relational capabilities puts MongoDB on par with many popular relational databases as well. The ability to combine the power of business-critical transactional processes while offering the speed and ease of using non-relational databases can prove to be a real game-changer for MongoDB.

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