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Microsoft recently announced few innovations to their AI platform powered by Microsoft Azure. These updates are well aligned to their Digital Transformation strategy of helping organizations augment their machine learning capabilities for better performance.

Cognitive Search

Cognitive Search is a new feature in Azure portal which leverages the power of AI to understand the content and append the information into Azure Search. It also has support for different file-readers like PDF, office documents.It also enables OCR capabilities like key phrase extraction, language detection, image analysis and even facial recognition. So the initial search will pull all the data from various resources and then apply cognitive skills to store data in the optimized index.

Azure ML SDK for Python

In the Azure Machine Learning ecosystem, this additional SDK facilitates the developers and the data scientists to execute key AML workflows, Model training, Model deployment, and scoring directly using a single control plane API within Python

Azure ML Packages

Microsoft now offers Azure ML packages that represent a rich set of pip- installable extensions to Azure ML. This makes the process of building efficient ML models more streamlined by building on deep learning capabilities of Azure AI platform.


This cross-platform open source framework is meant for .NET developers and provides enterprise-grade software libraries of latest innovations in Machine Learning and platforms that includes Bing, Office, and Windows. This service is available in the AI platform for preview.

Project Brainware

This service is also available on Azure ML portal for preview. This architecture is essentially built to process deep neural networks; it uses hardware acceleration to enable fast AI.

You can have a look at the Azure AI portal for more details.

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