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The Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17115 is out now. With this preview, Microsoft has added Windows Machine Learning APIs, Gaze Input API improvements, bug fixes and other development changes to the API surface area. These API updates and additions are adaptive to run correctly on the widest number of Windows 10 devices.

The entire list of API additions in the Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17115 is available on the Windows Blogs.  

In addition to these machine learning APIs, this release also includes the C++/WinRT headers and cppwinrt compiler (cppwinrt.exe). This compiler comes in handy when a user wants to add a third-party WinRT component or if they need to author their own WinRT components with C++/WinRT. However,  the authoring support is currently experimental and subject to change. The easiest way to get working with it is to start the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt and run the compiler in that environment, after installing the Windows Insider Preview SDK.

Another exciting feature of this build is the addition of new MIDL keywords.These keywords are added to the midlrt tool as a part of the “modernizing IDL” effort.

The new keywords are:

  • event
  • set
  • get
  • partial
  • unsealed
  • overridable
  • protected
  • importwinmd

If any of these keywords is used as an identifier, it will generate a build failure indicating a syntax error. To fix this, you can modify the identifier in error to an “@” prefix in front of the identifier. That will cause MIDL to treat the offending element as an identifier instead of a keyword.

The Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17115 can be downloaded from developer section on Windows Insider.

More information about this release is available on the Windows blog.

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