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Microsoft announced today that they are releasing Windows 10 Insider build 17682 from the RS5 branch today. The new release includes sets improvements, wireless projection experience, Microsoft Edge improvements, and RSAT along with other updates and fixes.

Major improvements and updates

Sets Improvements

  • New tab page has been updated which makes it easy to launch apps.
  • On clicking the plus button in a Sets window, apps are visible in the frequent destinations list.
  • The all apps list have been integrated into the new tab page to make it easy to browse apps instead of using the search box.
  • Apps supporting Sets when clicked will launch into a new tab.
  • In case you select News Feed, just select the “Apps” link which is next to “News Feed”, this will help switch to the all apps list.

Managing Wireless Projection Experience

  • Earlier, there were disturbances during wireless projection for users when the session was started through file explorer or an app. This has been fixed now with Windows 10 Insider build 17682 as there’ll be a control banner at the top of a screen during a session.
  • The control banner informs you about your connection state, lets you tune the connection as well as helps with quick disconnect or reconnect to the same sink.
  • Tuning is done with the help of settings gear.
  • Screen to screen latency is optimized based on the following scenarios:
  • Game mode makes gaming over a wireless connection possible by minimizing screen to screen latency.
  • Video mode ensures smooth playback of the videos without any glitches on the big screen by increasing screen to screen latency.
  • Productivity mode helps to balance between game mode and video mode. Screen to screen latency is responsive enough so that typing feels natural while ensuring limited glitch in the videos. All connections start off in the productivity mode.

Improvements in Microsoft Edge for developers

  • With the latest Windows 10 insider build 17682, there is unprefixed support for the new Web Authentication API (WebAuthN).
  • Web Authentication helps provide a scalable and interoperable solution. It helps with replacing passwords with stronger hardware-bound credentials.
  • Microsoft Edge users can use Windows Hello (via PIN or biometrics). They can also use other external authenticators namely FIDO2 Security Keys or FIDO U2F Security Keys. This helps authenticate the websites securely.

RSAT available on demand

  • No need to manually download RSAT on every upgrade. Select the “Manage Optional features” in Settings. Then click on “Add a feature” option which will provide you with all the listed RSAT components.
  • You can pick the components you want, and on next upgrade, Windows will ensure that all those components automatically persist the upgrade.

More information about other known issues and improvements is on the Window’s Blog.

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