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Microsoft released version 1.0 of Open Service Broker for Azure (OSBA) along with full support for Azure SQL, Azure Database for MySQL, and Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Microsoft announced the preview of Open Service Broker for Azure (OSBA) at the KubeCon 2017. OSBA is the simplest way to connect apps running on cloud-native environment (such as Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and OpenShift) and rich suite of managed services available on Azure.

The OSBA 1.0 ensures to connect mission-critical applications to Azure’s enterprise-grade backing services. It is also ideal to run on a containerized environment like Kubernetes.

In a recent announcement of a strategic partnership between Microsoft and Red Hat to provide  OpenShift service on Azure, Microsoft demonstrated the use of OSBA using an OpenShift project template. OSBA will enable customers to deploy Azure services directly from the OpenShift console and connect them to their containerized applications running on OpenShift.

It also plans to collaborate with Bitnami to bring OSBA into KubeApps, for customers to deploy solutions like WordPress built on Azure Database for MySQL and Artifactory on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Microsoft plans 3 additional focus areas for OSBA and the Kubernetes service catalog:

  • Plans to expand the set of Azure services available in OSBA by re-enabling services such as Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Redis. These services will progress to a stable state as Microsoft will learn how customers intend to use them.
  • They plan to continue working with the Kubernetes community to align the capabilities of the service catalog with the behavior that customers expect. With this, the cluster operator will have the ability to choose which classes/plans are available to developers.
  • Lastly, Microsoft has a vision for the Kubernetes service catalog and the Open Service Broker API. It will enable developers to describe general requirements for a service, such as “a MySQL database of version 5.7 or higher”.

Read the full coverage on Microsoft’s official blog post

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