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Yesterday the team at Microsoft released Cascadia Code version 1909.16, the latest monospaced font for command-line applications like Windows Terminal and code editors like Visual Studio Code. This year in May, the team announced about this font at the Microsoft Build conference.

Cascadia Code version 1909.16 is now publicly available on GitHub and developers can contribute to the font on GitHub. This code is licensed under the SIL Open Font license on GitHub.

Cascadia Code supports programming ligatures that are used while writing codes as they can create new glyphs by combining characters. These ligatures make the code more readable and user-friendly.

The name “Cascadia Code” comes from the Windows Terminal project. The codename for Windows Terminal was Cascadia before it was released.

The official post reads, “As an homage to the Terminal, we liked the idea of naming the font after its codename. We added Code to the end of the font name to help indicate that this font was intended for programming. Specifically, it helps identify that it includes programming ligatures.”

Users can install Cascadia Code font from the GitHub repository’s releases page or receive it in the next update of Windows Terminal.

Users are overall excited about this news and they are liking the fact that even the official announcement blog post is using the Cascadia Code font. They are also appreciating the team for adding support for programming ligatures.

A user commented on HackerNews, “I really like this. Feels easy on the eyes (at least to me). I’ve used Fira Code for as long as I can remember, but going to give this a go!”

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