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Microsoft R Open 4.0.2 has been released, combining the latest R language engine with multi-processor performance and tools for managing R packages reproducibly. You can download Microsoft R Open 4.0.2 for Windows,and Linux from MRAN now. Microsoft R Open is 100% compatible with all R version 4 scripts and packages, and works with all your favorite R interfaces and development environments.

This update brings R version 4 to Microsoft R Open for the first time. This update includes many new features for the R language and system, along with improved performance and memory usage. Note that you will need to install any R packages you wish to use with MRO 4.0.2. By default, MRO installs packages from a static CRAN snapshot taken on July 16 2020.

We hope you find Microsoft R Open useful, and if you have any comments or questions please visit the Microsoft R Open forum. You can follow the development of Microsoft R Open at the MRO GitHub repository. To download Microsoft R Open, simply follow the link below.

MRAN: Download Microsoft R Open

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