Microsoft introduces SharePoint Spaces, adds virtual reality support to SharePoint

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Microsoft has brought its Sharepoint software to Virtual reality headsets. This new technology, called SharePoint Spaces will allow SharePoint users to visualize and interact with data and product models using Virtual reality. SharePoint Spaces were announced at the opening keynote of SharePoint Virtual Summit, an online event coverage of the SharePoint Conference.

Sharepoint is a team collaboration software tool by Microsoft, used by Office 365 users for organizing documents, managing content, and building sites internally. SharePoint Spaces will expand on SharePoint capabilities by creating mixed reality experiences for businesses viewable in VR headsets and in any browsers that support WebVR. It has templates for VR experiences such as a gallery of 3D models or 360-degree videos.

Possible use cases of SharePoint spaces, as shared by Microsoft include:

Recruiting and onboarding

SharePoint Spaces can be used for 360-degree virtual induction of new recruits. Instead of being informed verbally, the employee can learn about the organizational structure, and campus layout through an interactive, and immersive experience. They can also access information about the products of the company.


Combining virtual reality with SharePoint can also be used to enhance learning techniques. Microsoft says “With SharePoint spaces, learning comes to life as you gain broad perspective with a panoramic view of a topic and learning objectives.” SharePoint Spaces allow readers and learners to explore personalized, and dynamic content by experiencing with your senses.

Product development

This tool can also be used for creating 3D prototypes, especially necessary in the product development landscape. Experts can study and evaluate data, content, and processes from every angle. They can also attach annotations, and visualize improvements.

Microsoft will soon open a preview version of SharePoint Spaces. It will later be made available to all Office 365 commercial users.

SharePoint has also incorporated AI for powerful content collaboration in Office 365. This includes:

  • Personalized and intelligent search in the SharePoint mobile app,
  • Personalized,
  • Enhanced image capabilities, and
  • Cognitive services for business process automation.

Complete details about SharePoint innovations are available on the Microsoft blog.

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