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Microsoft released a new Chamber of Secrets named as ‘Immutable Blob Storage’.  This storage service safeguards sensitive data and is built on the Azure Platform. It is the latest addition to Microsoft’s continuous development towards the industry-specific cloud offerings.

This service is mainly built for the financial sector but can be utilized for other sectors too by helping them in managing the information they own. The Immutable Blob Storage is a specialized version of Azure’s existing object storage and includes a number of added security features, which include:

  • The ability to configure an environment such that the records inside it are not easily deleted by anyone; not even by the administrators who maintain the deployment.
  • Enables companies to block edits to existing files. This setting can assist banks and other heavily regulated organizations to prove the validity of their records during audits.

The service costs of Immutable Blob Storage is as same as Azure’s regular object service and the two products are integrated with another. Immutable Blob Storage can be used for both standard and immutable storage. This means  IT no longer needs to manage the complexity of a separate archive storage solution.

These features come on top of the ones that have been carried over to Immutable Blob Storage from the standard object service. This also includes a data lifecycle management tool that allows organizations to set policies for managing their data.

Read more about this new feature on Microsoft Azure’s blog post.

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