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Yesterday, Microsoft made a list of announcements at their annual Surface hardware event in New York. While the event included interesting announcements such as the new surface PRO 7, surface earbuds and more, the main highlights were the new dual-screen Microsoft Surface Neo and Windows 10 X.

The dual-screen Surface Neo is expected to go on sale in 2020, before the holiday season. To enable the smooth working of dual devices, Microsoft has exclusively redesigned Windows 10 version to present the Windows 10 X, also known by the codename “Santorini”.

In a statement to Verge, Joe Belfiore, head of Windows experiences said, “We see people using laptops. We see people using tablets. We saw an opportunity both at Microsoft and with our partners to fill in some of the gaps in those experiences and offer something new.”

At the event, Microsoft said that they are announcing the new hardware and software early to help developers come up with exclusive applications ahead of the launch. It also added that Windows 10 X is not a new operating system, but just a more adaptable format of it. This means that Windows 10 X will only be available on dual-screen devices and not as a standalone copy of Windows 10 X.

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The Surface Neo device has two separate 9-inch displays that can fold out to a full 13-inch workspace. It has an intricate hinge which will allow the device to switch into a variety of modes. The device also has a Bluetooth keyboard that flips, slides, and locks into place with magnets that can be stored and secured to the rear of the device. Surface Neo also has a Surface Slim Pen, which gets attached magnetically.

Microsoft has maintained that the device is not completely ready and more developments can be expected by the time of its launch. Microsoft may modularize the Windows 10 core technology and use the Start menu to display that in HoloLens. Similarly, Windows 10 X can also put the taskbar or Start menu on either panel as needed. Users will also be able to use the Start menu on either panel, depending on the work they are doing on either of the two panels.

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Windows 10 X could be used in a number of ways like note-taking, mobile presentation, portable all-in-one, laptop, and reading. The engineering lead on Windows 10X, Carmen Zlateff says, “We’re working to take the best of the applications that people need and use most — things like Mail, Calendar, and PowerPoint — and bring them over to dual screens in a way that creates flexible and rich experiences that are unique to this OS and devices.” He further adds, “Our goal is that the vast majority of apps in the Windows Store will work with Windows 10X.”

Users are excited about the new Surface Neo and Windows 10 X announcements.

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