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Yesterday at the Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP came together to announce the Open Data Initiative. This initiative aims to help companies to better govern their data and support privacy and security initiatives.

What is the Open Data Initiative?

Open Data Initiative is an open alliance that aims to eliminate silos and enables a seamless flow of customer data. For this initiative, the trios (Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP) are enhancing interoperability and data exchange between their applications and platforms through a single data model. These applications and platforms include Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP C/4HANA and S/4HANA.

How this initiative will help companies?

This initiative will help other companies in the following ways:

  • Companies will be able to build and adopt intelligent applications that will understand data, relationships, and metadata spanning multiple services from Adobe, SAP, Microsoft and their partners
  • It will help companies to use the information trapped in internal and external silos to extract more value from its own data in real time to better serve customers
  • Based on their preference or needs, companies will be able to move transactional, operational, customer or IoT data to and from the common data lake
  • Enable companies to create data-powered digital feedback loops for greater business impact

Top retail companies are showing support and excitement for the Open Data Initiative. Barry Simpson, chief information officer at the Coca-Cola Company, said:

“This initiative from Adobe, Microsoft and SAP is an important and strategic development for the Coca-Cola System. Our digital growth plans centered around our customers are fueled by these platforms and open standards. A more unified approach to the management and control of our data strengthens our ability to support our growth agenda and our ability to satisfy security, privacy and GDPR compliance requirements. The industry needs to follow these leaders.”

To know more about the Open Data Initiative, check out the press release on Microsoft’s official website.

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