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Last month, JFrog a DevOps based artifact management platform bagged a $165 million Series D funding. Now they are announcing JFrog Xray, a binary analysis tool for performing recursive security scans and dependency analyses on all standard software package and container types. It performs a multilayer analysis of containers and software artifacts for vulnerabilities, license compliance, and quality assurance.

JFrog Xray is available as a pure cloud subscription, making Xray the only cloud utility integrated with a universal artifact binary repository. Xray Cloud is available for customers on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and soon on Azure. Xray’s database can also plug into other data sources, giving customers maximum flexibility and coverage.

It is available in two versions. First, an on-Prem version where users can install, manage and maintain on their own hardware or host in the cloud themselves. Second, the cloud version where JFrog manages, maintains and scales the infrastructure, and provides automated server backups with free updates and guaranteed uptime.

Features of JFrog Xray:

  • Artifact analysis for all major package formats across the CI/CD pipeline
  • Deep recursive scanning to provide insight into components graph and show the impact that an issue has on software artifacts
  • Native Artifactory integration by enriching artifacts with metadata to protect software from potential threats
  • Fully automated protection for development, build, and production phases through IDE and CI/CD integration and REST API
  • 24/7 R&D level support

Currently, JFrog Xray is being used by companies such as Slack, Workday, and AT&T and has helped its customers avoid nearly 57,000 unique software package vulnerabilities.

The ability to provide scalable security solutions in a hybrid cloud model has definitely become a requirement in the enterprise,” said Dror Bereznitsky, VP of Product Management for JFrog. “We’re proud that Xray is uniquely providing not only reliable scanning and compliance management, but also delivering these solutions at a massive scale across leading cloud providers to give customers maximum flexibility.

More information on Xray Cloud is available on JFrog official website.

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