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Last Friday, the MariaDB Foundation officially announced the general availability of its popular database MariaDB with a newer stable version 10.3.7. This release is considered to be a major and substantial release within 10.3 series of release. MariaDB is fast, scalable and robust with a rich ecosystem of storage engines and plugins for a wide variety of use cases across banks, social sites, ecommerce and many more.

Improvement Highlights

  • MyRocks Storage Engine 1.0 now Stable for MariaDB 10.3.7 with high compression ratio.
  • Spider Storage Engine 3.3.13 now Stable, supporting partitioning and XA Transactions.
  • Added two new algorithm options, INSTANT and NOCOPY for operations of data modification and rebuilding clustered index respectively.
  • SSL support for embedded server library when connecting to remote servers.
  • Added new status variables namely, feature_json and feature_system_versioning for monitoring JSON functionality usage and system versioning respectively.
  • Removed InnoDB version number 5.7 in MariaDB 10.3 and onwards.
  • Bugs fixed for ADD COLUMN.
  • Improved ALTER TABLE algorithms along with  ALGORITHM=INSTANT and ALGORITHM=NOCOPY.
  • Various performance fixes and code cleanup, including Clean up InnoDB parameter validation
  • Fixed bug that caused the system to hang while shutting down InnoDB.
  • Performance improved in FLUSH TABLES…FOR EXPORT causing no hang.
  • No more support to Debian 7 Wheezy and Fedora 26 in future releases. Users need to update their OS with either Debian 8 “Jessie” or Fedora 27 and onwards.

With these added features and performance improvements, MariaDB developers are equipped now to churn out their data into better structured information.

Please refer to the release notes and changelog for more details.

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