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MagicLeap has announced that they are acquiring Computes Inc to bring in advancements in the field of computing. Computess Inc had already been working in the field of decentralized mesh computing. With MagicLeap, they will now be bringing their platform to the world of spatial computing.

With over 27 billion connected devices in the world today (and growing), the Computes platform provides us with the necessary building blocks to make spatial computing available to everyone,” said Gus Pinto, VP of Product and Engineering.

Computes Inc’s decentralized processing unit (DPU) orchestrates sophisticated machine learning algorithms, massively parallel computations, and large datasets in a peer-to-peer (P2P) fashion. Their services are available across datacenter, cloud, edge network, operating system, mobile or IoT device, and web browsers. With this new collaboration, Computes Inc will be working on developing a new set of computing services for developers, creators, enterprises, and end-users to help them leverage the power of spatial computing on any platform.

MagicLeap will be using Computes Inc’s mesh computing to power their Computes heavy Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality services by grouping systems to push resources to the devices that need it most. With Computes Inc on board, Magic Leap may also expand its augmented reality technology to other devices.

Chris Matthieu, one of the founders of Computes Inc talks about this collaboration stating, “As you know, Jade and I started Computes, Inc. based on the principle of enabling the next generation of computing, and we believe Magic Leap is the perfect home for us to achieve this vision.

Read more about the announcement on Magic Leap.

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