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The Magic Leap One – the first augmented reality headset produced by startup Magic Leap – is slated to be launched this Summer. The news closely follows an announcement by AT&T that it will be the sole carrier for the headset. However, although Magic Leap revealed a lot about how the Magic Leap One in a live stream on Friday (13 July), no official release date has been stated.

What we learned from the Magic Leap One livestream

The Magic Leap One livestream gave us a pretty neat insight into how the virtual reality headset is going to work. It showed us how gestures form the main part of the UX with a demo of a rock-throwing game called ‘Dodge’. The visuals looked pretty exciting, and it seems like Magic Leap have done a good job of developing a headset that could be game-changing for the augmented reality industry.

However, there were a few holes – one Twitter user noticed, for example, that the software at one point failed to recognize when a user’s hand would have been blocking the virtual reality images.

For those with a particular interest in the engineering that has gone into the headset, we also found out that the Magic Leap One runs on an Nvidia Tegra X2 processor. This makes it considerably more powerful than the processor that is helping to power the current Nintendo Switch console, which uses the Tegra X1.

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