LXD 3.11 releases with configurable snapshot expiry, progress reporting, and more

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The LXD team released version 3.11 of LXD, its open source container management extension for Linux Containers (LXC), earlier this week. LXD 3.11 explores new features, minor improvements, and bugfixes.

LXD or ‘ Linux Daemon’ system container manager provides users with an experience similar to virtual machines. It is written in Go and helps improve the existing LXC features to build and manage Linux containers.

New Features in LXD 3.11

  • Configurable snapshot expiry at creation time: LXD 3.11 allows users to set an expiry during the snapshot creation time. Earlier, it was a hassle to manually create snapshots and edit them to modify their expiry. To change the expiry at the API level, you can set the exact timestamp to null that will make a persistent snapshot despite any configured auto-expiry.
  • Progress reporting for publish operations: Progress information is now displayed to the user in LXD 3.11 when running lxc publish against a container or snapshot. This is similar to image transfers and container migrations.


Minor improvements have been made to how candid authentication feature gets handled by the CLI in LXD 3.11.

  • Per-remote authentication cookies: Now every remote consist of its own “cookie jar”. Also, LXD’s behavior is now always identical in LXD 3.11 when adding remotes. In prior releases, a shared “cookie jar” was being used for all remotes which would lead to inconsistent behaviors.
  • Candid preferred over TLS for new remotes: In LXD 3.11, while using LXC remote add to add in a new remote, candid will be used for TLS authentication in case that remote supports candid. Also, authentication type can always be overridden using –auth-type.
  • Remote list can now show Candid domain: The remote list can now indicate what Candid domain is used in LXD 3.11.

Bug Fixes

  • Goroutine leak has been fixed in ExecContainer.
  • The “client: fix goroutine leak in ExecContainer” has been reverted.
  • rest-api.md formatting has been updated.
  • Translations from weblate have also been updated.
  • Error handling in execIfAliases has been improved.
  • Duplicate scheduled snapshots have been fixed.
  • failing backup import has been fixed.
  • Test case that covers the image sync scenario for the joined node has been updated.

For a complete list of changes, check out the official LXD 3.11 release notes.

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