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Node.JS is a popular backend widely for web development despite some of its flaws. For embedded systems, now there is low.js, a Node.js port with far lower system requirements.

In low.js you can program JavaScript applications by utilizing the full Node.js API. You can run these on regular computers and also on embedded devices, which are based on the $3 ESP32 microcontroller.

The JavaScript V8 engine at the center of Node.js is replaced with Duktape. Duktape is an embeddable ECMAScript E5/E5.1 engine with a compact footprint. Some parts of the Node.js system library are rewritten for more compact footprint and use more native code.

low.js currently uses under 2 MB of disk space with a minimum requirement of around 1.5 MB of RAM for the ESP32 version.

low.js features

low.js is good for hobbyists and people interested in electronics. It allows using Node.JS scripts on smaller devices like routers which are based on Linux or uClinux without using much of the resources. This is great for scripting especially if they communicate over the internet.

The neonious one is a microcontroller board based on low.js for ESP32, which can be programmed in JavaScript ES 6 with the Node API. It includes Wifi, Ethernet, additional flash and an extra I/O controller.

The lower systems requirements in low.js allow you to run it comfortably on the ESP32-WROVER module. The ESP32-WROVER costs under $3 for large orders and is a very cost effective solution for IoT devices requiring a microcontroller and Wifi.

low.js for ESP32 also adds the additional benefit of fast software development and maintenance. Specialized software developers are not needed for the microcontroller software.

How to install?

The community edition of low.js can be run on POSIX based systems including Linux, uClinux, and Mac OS X. It is available on Github and currently ./configure is not present. You might need some programming skills and knowledge to get low.js up and running on your systems.

The commands are as follows:

git clone https://github.com/neonious/lowjs
cd lowjs
git submodule update --init --recursive

low.js for ESP32 is the same as the community edition, but adapted for the ESP32 microcontroller. This version is not open source and is pre-flashed on the neonious one.

For more information and documentation visit the low.js website.

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