Lotus Quickr Connectors and Lotus Sametime

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Lotus QuickPlace/Quickr is IBM’s team collaboration product. It provides template-based services and a set of content connectors, allowing end users to quickly create interactive team places, all without the need for administrator intervention. Visit http://www.ibm.com/software/sw-lotus/products/product3.nsf/wdocs/ltwhome.

Lotus Sametime is IBM’s unified communications and collaboration product.It provides enterprise-class instant messaging and web conferencing services, as well as a platform for many other capabilities. This includes telephony and voice integration services. Visit http://www.ibm.com/software/sw-lotus/products/product3.nsf/wdocs/st75home.

Read Integrating Lotus QuickPlace/Quickr with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 article to get a much better understanding of the topic being discussed.

Lotus Quickr Connectors

One of the key features of Quickr is the openness provided by the connector architecture. These connectors allow for direct interaction with the Quickr servers independently of the backend architecture (WebSphere Portal/Domino).

The installation of these is via the large link on the main page of either edition.

The preceding link will initiate the download and  installation of the connector’s package. This is handled as a standard MSI package starting you at the welcome screen. Click Next to continue.

Next is the license text. After you have read all of the content and gotten agreement from your legal department, click Next to continue. The next screen allows for a custom setup of the Connectors. Select the desired options and click Next.

If you select Notes as a Quickr Connector type, you will be asked for the file page of the Notes client installation. Change the path, if necessary, to match your installation and click Next .

If you select Sametime as a Quickr Connector  type, you will be asked for the file page of the Sametime client installation. Change the path, if necessary, to match your installation and click Next.

The connector will now be installed on your machine.

After the installation process has completed, the following screen will appear. The two options can remain selected if necessary. It is advised to at least launch the Microsoft Windows Explorer connector. This will allow you to add Quickr servers to the configuration.


From the Quickr icon on the Microsoft Windows task bar, select Add Places to install your first connection to a Quickr server. At least one connection is necessary. It does not matter if this is pointing to a J2EE or Domino edition backend, as both will function the same via the connectors.

In the Add Places section of Lotus Quickr Connectors dialog, enter the server path and user credentials for the server. This could be different for different Quickr servers, depending on the directory configuration. After entering the information, click on Next.


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