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With numerous high profile security breaches in recent years, cybersecurity feels like a particularly urgent issue. But while the media – and, indeed, the wider world – loves stories of modern vulnerabilities and mischievous hackers, there’s often very little attention paid to what causes insecurity and what can practically be done to solve such problems.

To get a better understanding of cybersecurity in 2019, we spoke to Adrian Pruteanu, consultant and self-identifying hacker. He told us about what he actually does as a security consultant, what it’s like working with in-house engineering teams, and how red team/blue team projects work in practice.

Becoming the Hacker cover

Adrian is the author of Becoming the Hacker, a book that details everything you need to know to properly test your software using the latest pentesting techniques. 





What does it really mean to be a hacker?

In this podcast episode, we covered a diverse range of topics, all of which help to uncover the reality of working as a pentester.

  • What it means to be a hacker – and how it’s misrepresented in the media
  • The biggest cybersecurity challenges in 2019
  • How a cybersecurity consultant actually works
  • The most important skills needed to work in cybersecurity
  • The difficulties people pose when it comes to security

Listen here:

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