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UX designer has become a popular job role with tech recruiters, anxious to give roles a little extra sparkle and some additional sex appeal. But has UX become inflated as a term? Is its value being diluted?

Although paying close attention to the experience of users can only be a good thing, are we doing a disservice to the discipline by treating it as a buzzword or a fad?

If we pretend something’s sexy, how serious can we really be about it?

Whatever the problems with the uses and abuses of UX today, a landscape characterized by dark patterns and digital detox is one that’s certainly not that comfortable for users. That means UX design is arguably more important than ever.

What UX design is… and what it isn’t

To get to the heart of what UX design is, as well as what it isn’t, we spoke to Will Grant (@wgx) a UX Designer who has experience working with a range of clients on products that have found their way into the lives of millions of users around the world.

Will Grant book cover UX

Will is the author of 101 UX Principles, a definitive design guide that explores key issues in the field. 

In the podcast episode, we discussed:

  • What UX is and isn’t
  • The UX process – what UX designers actually do
  • The key skills a UX designer needs
  • Originality v. templating
  • Whether developers need to write code
  • What conversational UI means for UX
  • Can good design really save the world? Or should we quit the bullshit?

Listen here:

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