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Artificial intelligence threats are regularly talked up by the media. This is largely because the area is widely misunderstood. The robot revolution and dangerous algorithms are, unfortunately, much sexier than math and statistics.

Artificial intelligence isn’t really that scary. And while it does pose many challenges for society, it’s essential to remember that these are practical challenges that don’t exist in some abstract realm. They are rather engineering and ethical problems that we can all help solve.

Advanced Deep Learning with Keras book cover

In this edition of the Packt podcast, we spoke to Rowel Atienza about the reality of artificial intelligence. In particular we wanted to understand the practical realities behind the buzz. As an Associate Professor at the University of the Philipines researching numerous different aspects of artificial intelligence – and author of Advanced Deep Learning with Keras  – he’s someone with experience and insight on what really matters across the field.

Getting past the artificial intelligence hype with Rowel Atienza

In the episode we discussed:

  • The distinction between AI, machine learning and deep learning
  • Why artificial intelligence is so hot right now
  • The key machine learning frameworks – TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras
  • How they compare and why Rowel loves Keras
  • The importance of ethics and transparency
  • Essential skills for someone starting or building a career in the field
  • How far are we really are from AGI

Listen here: 

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