Generative AI at work
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Google will soon roll out a new feature on Google Maps that will let users, message business profiles in nearby locations. This will help them with the opportunity to ask questions while looking for things to do and places to go or shop. Last year Google enabled users in selected countries to message businesses from the Business Profiles on Google.

On Wednesday, Aditya Tendulkar, Product Manager at Google Maps, wrote in a blog post, “You’ll see your messages with the businesses you connect with via ‘Business Profiles’ in the side menu, within the Google Maps app on both, Android as well as iOS devices.”

In order to accept messages from users, the local businesses will have to install the My Business App and enable messages. If one tries to reach out to a shop for some questions which the website isn’t answering, then one can simply message. It’s always easy to drop a message while traveling. Users just need to look for the “message” button on Business Profiles on Search and Maps to message. Also, users in countries worldwide would be able to chat with businesses for the very first time.

The other advantage of My Business App is that it is a free tool. It will also help small business owners reach more people online and connect with their customers through Google. This will, in turn, help them in escalating the growth of their ventures. It could possibly work like the Facebook page where it is easy to message businesses. Integrating My Business app within Maps is better as there is no need for a separate messaging app.

Generative AI at work

Google’s messaging platforms haven’t really worked well in past. Hangouts and Allo are not much used by people. Also, the RCS Chat hasn’t launched in the US across all major carriers. It would be interesting to see the fate of My Business App.

Read more about this new on Google’s official blog.

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Generative AI at work