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Laravel 6.0 releases with improvements in Laravel 5.8. Introduction to semantic versioning, compatibility with Laravel Vapor, improved authorization responses, job middleware, lazy collections, sub-query improvements, the extraction of frontend scaffolding to the laravel/ui Composer package, and a variety of other bug fixes and usability improvements.

Key features in Laravel 6.0

Semantic versioning

The Laravel framework package now follows the semantic versioning standard. This makes the framework consistent with the other first-party Laravel packages which already followed this versioning standard.

Laravel vapor compatibility

Laravel 6.0 provides compatibility with Laravel Vapor, an auto-scaling serverless deployment platform for Laravel. Vapor abstracts the complexity of managing Laravel applications on AWS Lambda, as well as interfacing those applications with SQS queues, databases, Redis clusters, networks, CloudFront CDN, and more.

Improved exceptions via ignition

Laravel 6.0 ships with Ignition, which is a new open source exception detail page. Ignition offers many benefits over previous releases, such as improved Blade error file and line number handling, runnable solutions for common problems, code editing, exception sharing, and an improved UX.

Improved authorization responses

In previous releases of Laravel, it was difficult to retrieve and expose custom authorization messages to end users. This made it difficult to explain to end-users exactly why a particular request was denied. In Laravel 6.0, this is now easier using authorization response messages and the new Gate::inspect method.

Job middleware

Job middleware allows developers to wrap custom logic around the execution of queued jobs, reducing boilerplate in the jobs themselves.

Lazy collections

Many developers already enjoy Laravel’s powerful Collection methods. To supplement the already powerful Collection class, Laravel 6.0 has introduced a LazyCollection, which leverages PHP’s generators to allow users to work with very large datasets while keeping memory usage low.

Eloquent subquery enhancements

Laravel 6.0 introduces several new enhancements and improvements to database subquery support.

To know more about this release, check out the official Laravel blog page.

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