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Kublr, a comprehensive Kubernetes platform for the enterprise, announced the release of Kublr 1.9.2 at the DevOpsCon, Berlin.

Kublr provides a Kubernetes platform which makes it easy for Operations to deploy, run, and handle containerized applications. At the same time, it allows developers to use the development tools and the environment they wish to choose.

Kublr 1.9.2 allows developers to deploy the complete Kublr platform and Kubernetes clusters in isolated environments without requiring access to the Internet. This comes as an advantage for organizations that have sensitive data, which should remain secure. However, while being secured and isolated this data also benefits from features such as auto-scaling, backup and disaster recovery, centralized monitoring and log collection.

Slava Koltovich, CEO of Kublr, stated that,”We’ve learned from several financial institutions that there is a vital need for cloud-like capabilities in completely isolated environments. It became increasingly clear that, to be truly enterprise grade, Kublr needed to work in even the most secure environments. We are proud to now offer that capability out-of-the-box”.

The Kublr 1.9.2 changelog includes the following key updates:

  • Ability to deploy Kublr without access to Internet
  • Support Docker EE for RHEL
  • Support CentOS 7.4.
  • Delete onprem clusters.
  • Additional kubelet monitoring.

The Changelog also includes some bug fixes of some known issues. Kublr further announced that it is now Certified Kubernetes for Kubernetes v1.10.

To know more about Kublr 1.9.2 in detail, check the release notes.

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