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Since releasing their first video training title in March 2013, Packt Publishing have been working hard on producing high quality video learning. Now, to celebrate their 150th video title, Packt are inviting everyone to try out learning in motion with a massive 80% discount sale across all their video products.

Why learn from video?

  • See example projects in action
  • Write your code along with your instructor
  • Master a technology in just a few hours

Why does Packt believe in video learning? Packt wants to show the world how to put software to work. When surveyed, Packt’s video users said that they most prized the practicality of video, and the ability to be able to watch a project working visually. Video offers the chance for learners to write their code along with their instructor, to really go hands-on when getting to grips with a new technology. In just a few hours, video lets its viewers gain a level of technical mastery – whether pushing their skills to the limit, or diving in to something completely new.

What does Packt Video offer?

  • Courses on Web Development, Big Data, App Dev, Game Dev, and more
  • Over 350 hours of Video Training spread across 150+ courses
  • Expert authors from companies such as Google, IBM, and Yahoo

Time is valuable – so all of Packt Video is built around the twin concepts of Curation and Concision. Expert authors and editors work hard to ensure each video is focused on the key information on each subject, taught in the most efficient and informative manner possible.

All Packt video courses are authored by experts from across the globe – all with working professional experience as top consultants, trainers, or lead developers at some of the world’s most innovative organisations. From Python to JavaScript, 3D Printing to Data Visualization, Packt Video encompasses a huge variety of subjects. Packt are proud to know that 9/10 developers would buy a Packt Video Course again, and 8/10 would recommend Packt’s Video Courses to their friends and colleagues.

Get started with Video Week

  • 80% off all courses for this week only
  • Free courses available to view for this week only with a Packt login

Want to try out Packt Video and start skilling up with new and dynamic learning? For this week only, all video courses are on offer at an amazing 80% discount. Top courses are available to view for free in our PacktLib web platform for anyone with a Packt account – check them out now!


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