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Yesterday, KDE announced that it is officially adopting Matrix as a primary chat platform and the kde.org has an official Matrix homeserver.

According to KDE, Matrix will provide the correct footing for an improved way of chatting and live-sharing information and provide features that users expect from more modern IM services. This will include infinite scrollback, file transfer, typing notifications, read receipts, presence, search, conferencing, end-to-end encryption and much more.

Other alternatives like Telegram, Slack and Discord, although feature-rich, did not make the cut as “they are centralized and built around closed-source technologies and offer even less control than IRC”, which was used by the team as a solution for a long time.

Matrix supports decentralized communication through its open protocol and network and is making its mark in instant messaging as well as other fields such as IoT communication. It supports end-to-end encryption while being self-hosted and open sourced. KDE will be adopting Matrix as an open protocol, open network, and FOSS project. Matrix blog states that “There’s now a shiny new homeserver (powered by Modular.im) on which KDE folk are welcome to grab an account if they want, rather than sharing the rather overloaded public matrix.org homeserver. The rooms have been set up on the server to match their equivalent IRC channels. The rooms continue to retain their other aliases (#kde:matrix.org, #freenode_#kde:matrix.org etc) as before.”

Head over to KDE’s official blog to know more about this announcement.

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