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If you have been paying attention to the world of web development lately, it can seem a little chaotic. There are brand new frameworks and libraries that come out each and every day. These frameworks are sometimes related to previous ones that recently came out, or they are attempting to develop something entirely new.

As new technologies emerge, they change things that could have been standard for a long time. With these changes happening fairly often, it can be beneficial or frustrating, depending on the situation. Let’s take a look at why the creation of new technologies in web development could be a benefit for some developers, or a negative for others.

Why change and novelty in web development is awesome

Let’s first take a look at how the rapid changes in web development can be a wonderful thing for some developers.

New tools and techniques to learn

With new tech constantly emerging, you will always have something new to learn as a developer. This keeps the field interesting (at least for me and other developers I know that actually like the field). It allows you to continuously add to your skillset as well. You will constantly be challenged with the newer frameworks when learning them, which will help you learn future technologies faster. Having this skill of being a constant learner is crucial in a field that is always improving.


When there are a high number of frameworks that do similar things, the best ones will be the ones that are used by the majority of people. For instance, there are tons of front-end frameworks like React and Angular, but React and Angular are the ones that survive simply because of their popularity and ease of use. This is similar to how capitalism works: Only the best will survive. This creates a culture of innovation in the web development community and causes even more tech to be developed, but at a higher quality.

Even better products

A large amount of technology being released in a short period of time allows for developers to develop creative and stunning web pages using various combinations of technologies working together. If websites are stunning and easy to use, businesses are more likely to get customers to use their products. If customers are more likely to use products, that probably means they are spending money and therefore growing the economy. Who does not love awesome products anyway?

Workflows become more efficient and agile

When better web development tools are created, it becomes easier for other web developers out there to create their own web apps. Usually newer technologies present a brand new way of accomplishing something that happened to previously be more difficult. With this increased ability it allows you to build on top of the shoulder of giants, allowing new developers to create something that previously was too difficult or time consuming.

Why change and novelty in web development is a pain

Now let’s take a look at how the ever-changing state of web development can be a bad thing for web developers.

New tools require more learning time

With each new technology, the user must learn exactly how it works and how it can even benefit their company or project. There is some time in the beginning that must be spent on actually figuring out how to get the new technology to work. Depending on the documentation, this can sometimes be easier than others, but that extra time can definitely hurt if you are attempting to hit a hard deadline.

Identifying risk v. reward can be a challenge

With attempting something new, there is always a risk involved. It can turn out that this framework will take up a large portion of your time to implement, and it may only give you a minor performance increase, or minor reduction in development time. You must make this tradeoff yourself. Sometimes it is worth it, other times it definitely is not.

Support lifespans are getting shorter for many tools

Something that is not popular or widely used will tend to lose support. You may have been an early adopter, when you thought that this technology would be great. Just because the technology was supported today, does not mean it will be supported in the future, when you plan on using it. Support can sometimes make or break the usage of an application and it can sometimes be safer to go with a more stable framework.

In my opinion, an ever-changing web development landscape is a good thing, and you just need to keep up. But I’ve attempted to give you both sides of the coin in order for you to make a decision on your own.

Antonio Cucciniello is a Software Engineer with a background in C, C++ and JavaScript (Node.js) from New Jersey. His most recent project called Edit Docs is an Amazon Echo skill that allows users to edit Google Drive files using your voice. He loves building cool things with software, reading books on self-help and improvement, finance, and entrepreneurship. Follow him on twitter @antocucciniello, and follow him on GitHub.


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