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Last week, the IPython community announced its latest release, IPython 7.2, which is available on PyPI and will be soon available on Conda. This version includes some improvements, minor bug fixes, and also new configuration options.

Users can update to IPython 7.2 by using the following command:

pip install ipython --upgrade

Improvements in IPython 7.2

Ability to show subcases while using pinfo and other utilities

In this update, IPython will now list the first 10 subclasses whenever a ‘? / ??’ is used on a class.

OSMagics.cd_force_quiet configuration option

Users can now set the OSMagics.cd_force_quiet option to force the %cd magic to behave as if -q was passed. Here is the command:

In [1]: cd /

In [2]: %config OSMagics.cd_force_quiet = True

In [3]: cd /tmp

In [4]:

Current vi mode can now be configured

To control this feature, users need to set the TerminalInteractiveShell.prompt_includes_vi_mode to a boolean value (default: True).

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing PySide2 GUI integration from working
  • Users can now run CI on Mac OS
  • The IPython ‘Demo’ mode has been fixed
  • Fixed the %run magic with path in name
  • This update has an added CWD to sys.path after stdlib
  • The signatures (especially long ones) now have a better rendering
  • Users can re-enable jedi by default if it’s installed
  • This update has a new minimal exception reporting mode, which is mostly useful for educational purpose

There are still some outstanding bugs that will be fixed in the next release, which the community plans to release before the end of the year.

To know more about this release in detail, head over to IPython’s documentation.

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