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Details of new Apple products – 3 new iPhones – that were meant to be released at today’s launch event at 10.00 am PT, have been leaked thanks after the Apple sitemap revealed the names of the 3 new products.

According to Allthings.how, the sitemap revealed the names of iPhone XS and IPhone XS Max, as well as the iPhone XR (the cheaper LCD option). Apple now appears to be aware of the leak and has removed the sitemap links.

What else was revealed in the Apple sitemap?

You could find considerable details about the new products in the sitemap. A report by Apple tech website 9to5mac.com found, for example:

  • The new iPhone XR will come in blue, coral, red, black, white, and yellow
  • The XR also has 3 storage options:  64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB
  • New Apple Watch models will be available in both 40 mm and 44 mm sizes. Color options are silver, space gray, and gold aluminum

How was the Apple sitemap leaked?

It didn’t require much effort to actually get in to the Apple sitemap and uncover details about the new products. Guilherme Rambo, who works for 9to5mac revealed on Twitter that he simply “used the URL pattern from the last event and guessed the device’s names.”

Essentially, if you go to the page for Apple’s 2017 event, you can then take a look at the URL path where the images on the page are stored, and then swap out ‘2017’ for ‘2018’.

The launch is due to happen in just a matter of hours. Although it will certainly be irritating for Apple, a company which prides itself on controlling launches to every last detail, it’s probably not going to cause too much damage. At the very least it will boost awareness of the event – something the team in Cupertino probably won’t complain about.

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