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Today, TigerGraph, the world’s fastest graph analytics platform for the enterprise, introduced TigerGraph Cloud, the simplest, most robust and cost-effective way to run scalable graph analytics in the cloud.

With TigerGraph Cloud, users can easily get their TigerGraph services up and running. They can also tap into TigerGraph’s library of customizable graph algorithms to support key use cases including AI and Machine Learning. It provides data scientists, business analysts, and developers with the ideal cloud-based service for applying SQL-like queries for faster and deeper insights into data. It also enables organizations to tap into the power of graph analytics within hours.

Features of TigerGraph Cloud


It forgoes the need to set up, configure or manage servers, schedule backups or monitoring, or look for security vulnerabilities.


TigerGraph relies on the same framework providing point-in-time recovery, powerful configuration options, and stability that has been used for its own workloads over several years.

Application Starter Kits

It offers out-of-the-box starter kits for quicker application development for cases such as Anti-Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Customer 360, Enterprise Graph analytics and more. These starter kits include graph schemas, sample data, preloaded queries and a library of customizable graph algorithms (PageRank, Shortest Path, Community Detection, and others). TigerGraph makes it easy for organizations to tailor such algorithms for their own use cases.

Flexibility and elastic pricing

Users pay for exactly the hours they use and are billed on a monthly basis. Spin up a cluster for a few hours for minimal cost, or run larger, mission-critical workloads with predictable pricing. This new cloud offering will also be available for production on AWS, with other cloud availability forthcoming.

Yu Xu, founder and CEO, TigerGraph, said, “TigerGraph Cloud addresses these needs, and enables anyone and everyone to take advantage of scalable graph analytics without cloud vendor lock-in. Organizations can tap into graph analytics to power explainable AI – AI whose actions can be easily understood by humans – a must-have in regulated industries. TigerGraph Cloud further provides users with access to our robust graph algorithm library to support PageRank, Community Detection and other queries for massive business advantage.”

Philip Howard, research director, Bloor Research, said, “What is interesting about TigerGraph Cloud is not just that it provides scalable graph analytics, but that it does so without cloud vendor lock-in, enabling companies to start immediately on their graph analytics journey.”

According to TigerGraph, “Compared to TigerGraph Cloud, other graph cloud solutions are up to 116x slower on two hop queries, while TigerGraph Cloud uses up to 9x less storage. This translates into direct savings for you.”

TigerGraph also announces New Marquee Customers

TigerGraph also announced the addition of new customers including Intuit, Zillow and PingAn Technology among other leading enterprises in cybersecurity, pharmaceuticals, and banking.

To know more about TigerGraph Cloud in detail, visit its official website.

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