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Adding to the list of several fantasy consoles/computers is the newly-introduced SCRIPT-8, written by Gabriel Florit, a graphics reporter at the Washington Post who also likes working with augmented reality.

SCRIPT-8 is a JavaScript-based fantasy computer to make, play, and, share tiny retro-looking games. Based on Bret Victor’s Inventing on principle and Learnable programming, it provides programmers live-coding experience, which means the program’s output updates as they code.

The games built using SCRIPT-8 are called cassettes. These cassettes are recorded at a URL which you can share with anyone and play with a keyboard or gamepad. You can also make your own version of an existing cassette by changing its code, art, or music, and record it to a different cassette.

What are SCRIPT-8’s features?

  • A code editor which provides you with immediate feedback.
  • A slider using which you can easily update numbers without typing.
  • A time-traveling tool for pausing and rewinding the game.
  • You can see a character’s past and future paths with provided buttons.
  • A sprite editor where the changes are reflected in the game instantly.
  • A map editor to create new paths.
  • A music editor using which you can create phrases, group them into chains, and turn those into songs.

You can read more about SCRIPT-8 on its website.

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