Introducing Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Service

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Today, the team at Platform9, a company known for its SaaS-managed hybrid cloud, introduced a fully managed, enterprise-grade Kubernetes service that works on VMware with full SLA guarantee. It enables enterprises to deploy and run Kubernetes easily without the need of management overhead and advanced Kubernetes expertise. It features enterprise-grade capabilities including multi-cluster operations, zero-touch upgrades, high availability, monitoring, and more, which are handled automatically and backed by SLA.

PMK is part of the Platform9’s hybrid cloud solution, which helps organizations in centrally managing VMs, containers and serverless functions on any environment. Enterprises can support Kubernetes at scale alongside their traditional VMs, legacy applications, and serverless functions.

Features of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

Self Service, Cloud Experience

IT Operations and VMware administrators can now help developers with simple, self-service provisioning and automated management experience. It is now possible to deploy multiple Kubernetes clusters with a click of a button that is operated under the strictest SLAs.

Run Kubernetes anywhere

PMK allows organizations to run Kubernetes instantly, anywhere. It also delivers centralized visibility and management across all Kubernetes environments including on-premises, public cloud, or at the Edge. This helps the organizations to drop shadow IT and VM/Container sprawl and ensure compliance. It improves utilization and reduces costs across all infrastructure.


Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK) allows enterprises to run in less than an hour on VMware. It also eliminates the operational complexity of Kubernetes at scale. PMK helps enterprises to modernize their VMware environments without the need of any hardware or configuration changes.

Open Ecosystem

Enterprises can benefit from the open source community and all the Kubernetes-related services and applications by delivering open source Kubernetes on VMware without code forks. It ensures portability across environments.

Sirish Raghuram, Co-founder, and CEO of Platform9 said, “Kubernetes is the #1 enabler for cloud-native applications and is critical to the competitive advantage for software-driven organizations today. VMware was never designed to run containerized workloads, and integrated offerings in the market today are extremely clunky, hard to implement and even harder to manage. We’re proud to take the pain out of Kubernetes on VMware, delivering a pure open source-based, Kubernetes-as-a-Service solution that is fully managed, just works out of the box, and with an SLA guarantee in your own environment.”

To learn more about delivering Kubernetes on VMware, check out the demo video.

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